Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sometimes Less is More

Lately, the task at hand has been filling out my inventory for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston. The show isn't until mid-February, so I'm not quite in the frenzied panic of last minute painting, but there is definitely a singular focus here in the studio. Last week I spent a few days working on some smaller pieces and one in particular was giving me fits... especially as it neared completion.

I finally thought this little 7x5 was complete when I photographed the image on the left. But as I color corrected and re-sized it on my computer, I became increasingly annoyed with the presence of that damn heron. I was determined to have something in that archway created by the surrounding leaves, yet it just didn't look right. So I pushed the bird back with a couple of thin cool washes. Still, it was distracting. I even move it to the left a bit so it wouldn't appear so centered in the frame of foliage. No good. Finally, almost in a fit of frustration, I chased the heron from the scene and suddenly felt better about it. Just for good measure, I darkened the archway to bring the leaves on the right side of the painting forward. Much better! I've posted both images so you can judge for yourself.

"Little Sandy Creek" is a 7x5 acrylic.

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