Sunday, December 22, 2013


"Goldenrod" 10x8 acrylic
I knew when I started this painting what it would be a challenge. I'm really not used to painting in such an impressionistic style, but I'm very happy with the results!

Monday, December 16, 2013

"Old Gray Warrior"

"Old Gray Warrior" 11x14 acrylic
Sometimes I just have to put a painting away for a while and let it rest. Often I reach a sticking point where no matter how hard I try, I just seem to spin my wheels and make absolutely no progress. This was one of those paintings. After several days of productive work, suddenly it seemed as though every brush stroke made the painting worse. It was time to stop for a while and work on other projects. Finally, almost 3 weeks later I was able to look at the piece with fresh eyes and get it back on track. Once it started moving forward again, I was able to finish it up a few sessions later.
I think this one is destined for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, SC.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Get Something Started (WIP)

As the year is quickly drawing to a close, I've been itching to work on a large painting or two. Last week I went out to the garage and cut a 20x40 panel with this mule deer piece in mind. The image above shows the first layer of very thin paint. This underpainting will be almost completely cover with subsequent layers of thicker paint, but sets the tone for what the finished piece will eventually look like.
The remainder of the painting will be slow going, but I will try to post progress photos from time to time. Stay tuned.
Special thanks to my friend Ray Brown for providing reference photos for this painting.