Thursday, December 30, 2010

Print Signing for PAGC

From the time I was notified of my selection for the Pennsylvania Game Commission's Working Together For Wildlife print, I've wondered how I'd hold up during the process of signing all those prints. Well, on Tuesday I found out. It may not sound like a big deal, but if you've never written your name 600 times in one sitting... well... it made me a little daffy. I was seated alone at a table in a room at the Game Commission Headquarters in Harrisburg, given a box of pencils, and pointed at a stack of boxed prints (100/box). I started just before noon and really had to hustle to finish by 4:30PM. Thankfully I had my MP3 player along, so there was at least a little music to keep me company. I found it funny that during the course of all that writing, my signature changed a bit from one hour to the next. Most looked like my typical signature, some even looked a little better, and a few seemed like they had been signed by an alien in a different language. None the less, I got the job done.

Artist proofs of "Middle of Nowhere" are now available by contacting me at The print is 22.5 x 15 on high quality heavy stock paper.

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