Sunday, June 13, 2010

Simple, Yet Effective

Capturing the rhythms of water and light are always a challenge. It takes a lot of time and effort to avoid that distracting "brushy" look... especially when using acrylics. That's one reason why it's always so rewarding when it works out. There is certainly a "mood" to this piece... even in these early stages. I'm hoping for a lonesome, yet hopeful piece (for some reason, ducks always seem "hopeful" to me). As you can see, the block in is complete and I've begun to add some detail and punch up the contrast. One key to getting a "glassy" look to water is taking great care to get the under-painting correct. Acrylics are far too transparent to hide a lot of sloppy prep work. Take your time and wash in thin layers with a relatively large brush... and try to keep the edges soft. They can always be hardened a bit later if necessary.

After two days of work, I feel like this piece is coming along nicely. It's good to be back in a groove again!


Jen B said...

I like this one!

Jeff said...

Very nice, I'm glad the groove is back.
See you Saturday.