Sunday, June 27, 2010

"A Rock and a Hard Place" 6x10 acrylic on masonite

The past week has been a real struggle, but seeing this piece materialize has helped. This spring, a pair of killdeers were trying to nest in the middle of the neighbors' driveway. It was certainly a less than ideal location for a nest site, but we marked it with several large rocks hoping to keep cars away. After a hawk picked off one of the parents in a puff of feathers, the other loyally stayed with the nest for more than a week... even while that pesky hawk dive-bombed and neighborhood cats conducted nighttime raids. Just days before the eggs (4 of them) were about to hatch, some buffoon (probably with a cellphone stuck to their head) ran over the nest with a car, crushing the eggs and ending any chance we'd have tiny killdeers scurrying around the property. This painting is a tribute to this killdeer's admirable, yet sadly futile determination.

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Ray Brown said...

This painting kills, dear. Awesome job. I will need to get me one of yours in the near future. If you are willing that is. ---Ray