Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Birds In Art

There are landmarks on my calendar every year that I spend a good deal of time and energy working toward. The event I give the most emphasis is usually the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum’s Birds In Art exhibit. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have a painting included in this outstanding show for the past five years. Along with that good fortune comes a self-imposed burden of keeping that streak alive.

After getting the coveted “big envelop” for the first time, I challenged myself to prove it wasn’t just a fluke. Still not feeling 100% certain I “belonged” in that crowd after year number 2, the 3rd consecutive inclusion helped cement my place in the Birds In Art family. If I thought the stress level waiting to hear from the exhibits selection committee would back off a bit, I was completely wrong!

Since that 3rd year, I’ve gained many friends in the art world… many of whom expect a strong entry from me on a yearly basis. Those expectations from my peers carry with them a considerable amount of weight. The heaviest burden (the one that keeps me awake at night) is still, however, imposed by yours truly. I feel it’s vitally important to put my best foot forward for Birds In Art. It’s not just blowing smoke when you hear someone say, “Birds In Art is the most prestigious wildlife art exhibit in the world.” That very statement is always on my mind when I sit down at the easel.

That being said, I better get back to work. My entries still have a long way to go before the April 15 deadline!

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Kathy Foley said...

Thanks for the enthusiastic and heart-felt endorsement, Jim. While we don't want to be "stress-inducers," it sure does make all of us here happy to know the high regard with which you hold "Birds in Art" and also the seriousness with which you approach your entries. Believe me, we, too, know that April 15 deadline is barreling toward us. All best, Kathy