Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Signs of Life

On days like today, I just can't stand to be inside. It was 70° here today and for the second week of March, it seems like it might just be too warm. In any case, I grabbed a fishing rod and a camera and headed for the truck. With Otis the Wonder Dog along for the ride, we soon found ourselves at a small local farm pond. As we worked our way around the pond's north edge I could see swarms of bluegills seeking the slightly warmer water of the shallows. This pond had ice on it a week ago, so the water was still very cold. Several decent largemouth bass cruised by a bit deeper. A nervous pair of wood ducks paddled around a log on the far side. Red-winged blackbirds sang in the tree tops as though they believed the remnants of winter were behind them. Otis found frogs to chase. We were both happy.

The fish were active, but not much interested in my offerings. Still, I managed to catch a few bass and a handful of small bluegills. Not feeling like cleaning fish on this fine day, I let them go. Finally, I set the fishing rod aside and picked up the camera.

Bunches of snow drops were blooming in the brush near a yet to be plowed field, crocus sprang up in the edges of yards, and coltsfoot turned the roadside ditches yellow with bright blossoms. It was a good day to be poking around in the woodlots of western Pennsylvania.

As I write this, Otis is happily snoring on the couch beside me. I think I'll make it an early night as well :)

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