Saturday, March 10, 2012

Evenings at the Bat Cave

As spring approaches and the days get longer, I find my evenings filled with fly tying. It's a ritual of sorts. I enjoy the care and precision of fly tying and the almost intoxicating giddiness I get each time I fool a trout with one of my creations. Now I'm no master at the tying vise. My flies aren't complicated or gaudy. They're more of the workman type... elegantly simple and deadly effective. I've got about a dozen patterns that get me through most situations here in western Pennsylvania. I tend to tweak the patterns a bit from year to year as I restock my fly box. Sometimes the tweaks work and sometimes they end up being too much and fall flat. The little devil in the photo is my own variation of a variation of the old standby prince nymph. I've caught hundreds of fish on prince nymphs, but I'm hopeful this fly in various color combinations will end up being a solid all around fish catcher. It will get some rigorous testing this spring.

Now I need some serious work on my miserable casting technique!

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Peter Brown said...

Jim, I fooled my last sizable fish in the salt on a crab pattern I tied myself. It certainly adds another dimension to what is already an enjoyable pastime.