Monday, January 11, 2010

My Personal Assistant

It's not easy spending day after day grinding away at the easel, but I love it. Fortunately for me, my studio companion has one job and does it very well... he entertains me. Today, as I set my palette up, got my cup of coffee, and started to work, Otis the Wonder Dog took up a position where he could watch my every move and occasionally lean forward and lick my face! I couldn't help myself and after a while, simply started to laugh. That's usually all it takes to send Otis on a romp around the studio. Today he grabbed "Clyde Frog" (his giant floppy stuffed frog that grunts when he squeezes it) and took off running and wagging his tail. He taunted me... daring me to grab it... and when I'd try... zoom! He'd take off running again. Thanks buddy... for adding a little levity to my world.

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Jeff said...

Hey Jim,
I'm glad Otis is keeping you entertained and keeping your blood flowing ha!
This weather is becoming tiresome and we have a long wait for spring. Although they are calling for a warm up we can only hope.
Keep the brushes flying.