Monday, June 4, 2012

Final Approach: History Meets the Arts

A few months ago, Lord Nelson's Gallery in Gettysburg asked me to take part in their History Meets the Arts show (June 14 - 16). Since that time, I've been hard at it rounding out my inventory for that event. I always like to have a couple of larger pieces, several mid-sized works, and lots of smaller (and more affordable) stuff for a show. The paintings are complete and all but one is securely in its frame. Now, with the show only a week away, it's time to check off the last items on my show list:
  • Update my website. It's been a few months
  • Clean all frames and check them for nicks and scratches that need repair
  • Inventory sheet to Lord Nelson's Gallery
  • Email show announcement
  • Round up business cards, brochures, name tag, director's chair, hammer, and all the other odds and ends I'll need for a show
  • Make sure I've got clean clothes to wear (I'm a bachelor, so that's not always a given)
  • Carefully box the paintings and pack the truck
  • Print directions to the gallery and hotel
  • Don't forget fly fishing gear!
That should about do it. With all the other stuff going on here this week, I'll be plenty busy. Wish me luck.

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