Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Day in Paradise

Tumbling water on the Conewago

Somehow the planets aligned last week and I was offered a slice of paradise for a day. Conewago Creek is a spectacular little trout fishery throughout most of its upper reaches, but the fabled "Narrows" may be some of the most outstanding water on the planet. Leased and maintained by the Conewago Trout Fishermen group, this area is off limits to the public. My hope was to wrangle permission to photograph the area for painting reference, but when the invitation was extended to stay and fish as well, I just couldn't pass it up.

A small wild rainbow in the gin clear stream

Both the scenery and trout surpassed my expectations. The stream banks are lined with rhododendron, hemlock, and boulders the size of a truck. The water itself weaves and tumbles along this stretch creating pockets and plunge pools everywhere you look. The trout are feisty and wild... and some are quite big!

More painting inspiration!
 It was only a couple of short days ago, but the whole experience seems more like a dream than reality... a dream I won't soon forget!

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