Thursday, February 23, 2012

SEWE 2012 Wrap-Up

Another Southeastern Wildlife Expo has come and gone and I feel like things are looking up. It’s funny how the collective attitude of the show-goers changes from year to year. There was a happy energy throughout the venue that built to a crescendo Friday evening during the Quick Draw auction. Congratulations to my good friend, Lyn StClair for executing such a masterful painting in the Quick Draw event. It whipped the auction crowd into a frenzy and achieved an appropriately high selling price. This year’s featured painter, Dustin Van Wechel set the show “on fire” selling 25 of his 29 paintings… each done with Dustin’s flare for drama and remarkable style. It was exciting to see him do so well. Sculptor, Don Rambadt continued to wow the guests with his new work. He told me he had fun creating the pieces for this show and it was apparent in each of them. As for yours truly, it was my best show to date. A total of 9 originals found new homes and I couldn’t be happier. I felt my body of work was my best yet and a few of my favorites struck a chord with collectors as well. The entire Charleston experience… the food, the music, and the friendly people… keeps me looking forward to my next visit J

I forgot to mention... the painting "Graceful Exit" featured in the previous post was the first to go at the VIP Preview Thursday afternoon! After reworking the background of that small piece, it became quite popular and I probably could've sold it to more than one collector. Who knew?


ray brown said...

Congratulations Jim! You deserve all the good fortune as well as your bright outlook on the future. Your work and dedication to your craft are serving you you well. Kudos to you you and keep knocking 'em dead!

Peter Brown said...

I can feel your enthusiasm Jim - well done!