Monday, February 6, 2012

Reworking a Painting

My good friend James Coe once told me, "I never consider a painting finished until it sells." Now I don't rework a lot of my paintings, but it's something I keep in mind. After a year or so, if I think I can make a piece better, why not? I've always liked this small painting, but it never had much public appeal. As I get ready for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston next week, I decided to rework the background to add some drama. The original version seen here with the blue sky and tree tops has been spiced up a notch or two with a lot more color and an abstract setting. We shall see if it makes a difference in how it's received by the folks in Charleston.
"Graceful Exit" is 5x7 and painted in acrylic.


Dar said...

Difficult chore around the Heron but you did an awesome job. It looks as tho the sun is setting off his wings.
I love the revised. It's very dramatic. Now, I'm curious to hear the response from Charleston.

hmuxo said...

The new version is absolutely beautiful! The color of the sky is definitely a winner!!