Sunday, January 1, 2012

Something Better or More of the Same?

A new year is upon us ripe with possibilities. I’ve never been one to make silly resolutions during the holiday season, but I do make a list of goals for the upcoming year (okay… maybe I make a lot of resolutions and just call them “goals”). I refer to The List often throughout the year to make sure I’m on track and nothing “important” is slipping through the cracks. The List also helps push me forward when I feel like I’m doing nothing but spinning my wheels. Picking an achievable goal and making it happen always gets my motor running again.

Here are a few highlights from The List for 2012:

  • 30 finished paintings – In 2011 I managed 26 and it seemed like a lot. Still, with an expanding list of shows and a new gallery, my production level needs to stay high.

  • 20 plein air attempts – Painting outdoors is an absolute treat. Of course, not all plein air paintings are successful and the bulk of my work is done in the studio. So I will push myself to just get out there and paint! No pressure… just time in the field.

  • Fill a sketch book – If you’ve been reading this blog regularly, you know how important drawing is to me. It keeps me fresh and motivated. Sometimes I need to set aside time to just fill a few pages. It’s fun and helps fine tune my eye… making me really look at my subjects and understand more about them.

  • Birds In Art – I’ve been a lucky man. Being part of this prestigious event for the past several years has produced many friendships and motivated me to become a better, more well-rounded artist. The weeks leading up to the April 15th deadline are always focused on completing paintings to be submitted for this exhibit.

  • Alaska! – I’ve always wanted to explore a small piece of Alaska. Each year I try to spend a couple of weeks somewhere interesting shooting reference photos and developing ideas for new paintings. If the Alaska thing doesn’t work out, the Rocky Mountain West is always doable J

Those are just a few of the more than 30 goals to make The List for 2012. It’s going to be a busy year!

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