Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Hooded Overture" 20x10 acrylic

There were a few minor issues with this painting as I photographed it a few days ago. I knew they would need to be resolved before it went into a frame, so I set it aside to work on another piece and think about it for a while. I’ve included the image without the corrections below for comparison.

Most of the problem areas involved the placement and posture of the female warbler. The multiflora rose branch behind her was distracting and appeared to be very much on the same visual plain. The branch needed to be pushed back into the shadows and I extended it just a few leaves downward so it ended just below her tail. I also eliminated some leaves above her head. The edges of her yellow breast needed to be softened a touch to get rid of the “pasted on” look and help her fit into her surroundings. Lastly, I moved her leg and foot back making her appear ready to dart from her perch.

With these changes in place, “Hooded Overture” is ready for a frame J

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