Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Fly Fishing

I decided to take a break from painting Sunday and spend the day exploring and fly fishing. Of course, it’s never really a day off. My mind is always grinding along in terms of brush and paint, but it’s not an unpleasant grind… especially on a spectacular fall day like yesterday.

The fish were plentiful, though not easy to fool. Still, I caught more than my share and found myself standing in the middle of the small stream grinning on several occasions. The day took on a leisurely pace as I wondered from one spot to the next. And when I wasn’t fishing, there was time to poke around along the stream banks and the edges of farm fields. My camera got quite a workout!By late afternoon, my mind was still fresh, but my legs had just about given up (I remember a time when my brain would give up first!). I stumbled back to the truck and managed not to fall and break anything. It was a great day afield. Now… back to the easel!

1 comment:

Peter Brown said...

Jim, if that's not a day off I don't know what is!