Sunday, March 6, 2011

Something Bigger

Last week I jumped head first into another large painting. I like the direction this piece is moving, though with these big ones, there always seems to be some turmoil and a substantial amount tweaking near the end. Moving this, eliminating that, even changing the visual temperature of large areas… no matter how much planning I do, there are always things I feel need to be improved once I start laying on the paint. And more often than not, I need to take a break at some point in the process and work on something else. It helps get my mind right if I don’t look at a big piece for a few days (or weeks). If something was bothering me (which is usually the reason I needed the break), it almost always becomes clear once I’ve spent some time working on another project.

Above is an image of the upper 1/3 of this 30x20 composition. I’ll periodically post progress photos of this one since it’ll likely take weeks to complete. This much water is going to be a huge challenge.

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