Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's all about the Drawing!

I’m often asked by young artists how they can be better painters. By contrast, it’s funny how few times I’m asked about the importance of better drawing skills. I guess I find it funny because the two are so inextricably connected. Good drawing is based on a fundamental understanding of the spatial relationship of one shape to the next. In other words, the ability to see what’s in front of us and accurately convey that information in two dimensions to canvas or paper. So better painting is (at least in one respect) a result of better drawing. Whether you’re drawing with a pencil or charcoal stick, a tiny number one sable brush or a 2” flat, its all about the drawing.


ray brown said...

Amen to that my brother!

Terry Miller said...

And, I'll 'amen' to his amen!