Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Work In Progress

I've taken a break from my mini series to work on a larger piece and this one is going quite well. During my stay in Wyoming last September, I spent a good deal of time alone in the bush. I experienced a sensation I've heard described as "bearanoia" and it stayed with me for a large portion of the trip. It's hard to describe to someone who hasn't experienced it, but there is a constant nagging feeling of being someplace you don't belong... and the consequences could be both gruesome and severe. I'm sure the folks that live in that part of the world and spend a good deal of time outdoors get used to it. That was not the case for this tenderfoot easterner. The sensation was so intense, found myself having trouble straying too far from my vehicle. Since that trip, I've been wanting to execute a painting that portrays that sensation of being alone in "bear country."
The image included here is about half of the entire composition. I'll post more as the painting nears completion.


Jen Bortz said...

This is my favorite of the bears you have done.

Jim Bortz said...

Thanks, Sis! I think this is gonna be a good one.