Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thinking Fall... and Bow Hunting

The last few cool nights have really got me thinking about early fall archery season (like I need an excuse). Of course, today was the day I picked for a long walk in the deer woods... and it was nearly 90 degrees out. I spent about 2 hours out in the heat tromping the bush. I ended up tired and soaked with sweat. I even stumbled upon about 20 well-tended pot plants in a little clearing. That's a first!
I bought myself a new toy this year... a digital scouting camera. It's been kind of exciting thinking about locations to set up the camera for some pre-season deer surveillance. Since this is my first experience with a digital scouting camera, I wasn't really sure what to expect. Much to my delight, this sleek 8-point paused long enough for a pre-dawn photo.
I thought it was interesting that the deer was looking directly at the camera. I suppose in the darkness, the tiny red light that indicates the motion sensor had been activated is readily visible. It sure got this bucks attention, but he was comfortable enough to hang in front of the camera for more than a minute. In any case, it sure is a pretty buck!

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