Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Winter Lady" 6x4 acrylic on masonite

During this unbearably hot stretch of weather, I thought it might be nice to mentally escape to a cooler place. I've always liked the color of the lady cardinals, though getting the subtle hues correct can be a bit of a challenge. I'll give the eBay thing a try again this Sunday evening, so when this painting goes up for auction, I'll post the link here.

I think it's supposed to be cooler tomorrow. We can only hope.

7/21/10 update: This piece is now in a private collection.

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Peter Brown said...

Jim, I'm resenting the fact that I have to earn money occasionally and that it keeps me from the easel ( I don't multi-task well). The best I can do at the moment is to get my artistic kicks from the achievements of others over a hurried morning coffee. Thanks for helping out in that sense - I like this one very much!