Monday, September 21, 2009

Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Bugs in the Grill

Wyoming was magnificent. Entering Yellowstone through the Beartooth Mountains was about as breathtaking as a drive can get. I was in Yellowstone for less than 5 minutes when I spotted 4 mountain goats on a distant rock face. That was totally unexpected as mountain goats are fairly rare in the park. From that point on, I knew it was going to be a productive adventure.

It seemed as though each bend in the road revealed yet another treasure… mountain bluebirds… hundreds of bison… and so many antelope, I hate to venture a guess! One afternoon while exploring the Gros Ventre area of Grand Teton, I was treated to the site of a cow moose far across the river. By the time the encounter was over, she was less than 15 yards from me browsing on willows. Yes… that’s a little too close for something that big!

A morning photographing bugling bull elk in Grand Teton Park put the perfect end to a spectacular week.

Some 4400 miles and 1200 photos later, I’m finally back in the studio. During the drive, there were many stretches of highway where so many bugs were hitting the windshield, it sounded like a hard rain. Not good for highway vision!


Peter Brown said...

Jim, we watched episode 1 of the BBC production "Yellowstone" on TV last Sunday night - it dealt with Yellowstone in winter. As Australians, it could take a while before we get there, but it's definitely on the list of dream destinations - I'm deeply envious!

Jim Bortz said...

Peter, Yellowstone is amazing! Well worth the time and effort to get there. I truly hope you can make it someday.