Saturday, August 22, 2009

WIP Loon - Day 3

There was a lot of progress yesterday. I find when I’m working on a piece like this, I need to hold back on some of the more interesting areas and bite them off a little at a time. The meticulous work of painting in the sky reflections on the water is enough to drive me batty! But if I work on that for most of the day and reward myself by painting some of the markings on the loon, everything balances.
Speaking of “balance,” at this stage, the painting is starting to have a very “busy” feel to it. I will need to draw the viewer’s attention away from the movement of the water and focus it on the loon. I had anticipated this distracting predicament and have a specific plan (part of my engineering background) to mitigate the problem. Stay tuned…


Peter Brown said...

Jim, this is a unique approach and I'm enjoying watching your progress.

I'll certainly be adding the "reward for tedium" technique to my collection of mind games!

Jim Bortz said...

Thanks Peter. I'm glad you're enjoying these posts! Not much happening over the weekend. I'll post again on Monday.