Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It took me a little longer than expected to finish this one off, but I’m pleased with the overall results. The background is still a little busy for my liking, but I’m not going to paint it out and rework it at this stage. Softening the edges helped. A very thin wash of flesh pink also added to the elusion of depth.

Sharing the progress was a lot of fun… and a little stressful. I’ll have to give it another shot again soon.


Peter Brown said...

Nice Jim - thanks for sharing progress shots of this one. When you write about softening edges, I've assumed it's an oil painting - correct me if I'm wrong. Some close-ups would have been even better, particularly when you made those final adjustments!

Jim Bortz said...

Peter, This painting is done in acrylic. Of couse edges are more difficult to soften, but not impossible. And yes, I think you're right... close-ups on final adjustments will be included on future "Works In Progress."