Saturday, September 5, 2015

"Shiras and Sage"

"Shiras and Sage" 46x30 oil
This piece has been on and off the easel for over 4 months! It's by far the most adventurous (and largest!) oil painting I've attempted.
I wanted to convey the feeling of being in the Rocky Mountain west in the presence of unpredictable and dangerous wildlife. If you've spent much time in places like this, you'll eventually have an encounter when the outcome is in question for a moment or two. It could happen while hiking or maybe following a game trail through a willow thicket from one fishing spot to the next. Stepping into a small clearing and something out of place catches your eye. In an instant you realize you're already too close and this could end badly!
The wild look in the moose's eye helps to define the animals unpredictable nature. What will happen in the next instant is anyone's guess!

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