Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Birds In Art 2012... Looking Back

Now that I've been home for a couple of days, I've had some time to process this most recent Birds In Art opening weekend. There is so much cool stuff that happens at the Woodson Art Museum, it takes some time for me to put it all into perspective. I've come to realize over the years just how fortunate I am to be associated with this outstanding group of people... artists, patrons, and museum personnel included!
Patrons study the BIA exhibit
For artists attending opening weekend festivities, it seems as though at least one extraordinary thing happens over the course of the weekend. Perhaps the surprise of seeing your art published on a museum promotional poster, or maybe finding out the Woodson is going to purchase your piece for the permanent collection. There is always something positive to take away from each visit. Once in a lifetime opportunities present themselves periodically over the course of a weekend, if only you have the foresight to grab onto them before they pass... like getting the chance to talk to Robert Bateman and watch his painting demonstration during the "Artists In Action" event. Seriously?! How cool is that!
Larry Barth's "Yellow-rumped
Warbler and Goldenrod"
Museum staffer, Amy Beck and I were interviewed on Friday for the local news and asked to speak on the Birds In Art event. Of course, I was a nervous wreck, but the producers edited the piece into short sound bites and I didn't sound like a complete moron. It actually turned out quite nicely. I had no idea that so many people would come up to me the next day and mention they'd seen me on the news. Thank you Amy, for asking me to participate.
Bart Rulon's "Roseate Spoonbills"
Dinner Friday evening was amazing. The meal was perfect and the conversation lively and fun. We sat with Owen Gromme's grandson David and his wife Christina. I learned a great deal about Owen and came away with a renewed appreciation for the man. A big thank you to Jane Weinke for facilitating such an entertaining evening.

Guy Coheleach and Me!
The big shot in the arm for me came when I got to meet Guy Coheleach. Guy has been one of my painting heroes for as long as I can remember and this was the first time I'd be in the same room with him. The challenge for me would be to muster the courage to approach him and start a conversation. As it turned out, my "in" would present itself in the most remarkable fashion. During "Project Postcard," the Woodson's terrific fund raising event, Guy purchased one of my donated postcard paintings. When I heard that, I just about fell over! We ended up having a wonderful conversation and I came away admiring him even more.
Kathryn Turner's "As with Breath"

There is so much to write about. In subsequent posts, I will talk about the new wing of the museum and the Owen J. Gromme exhibit currently on display there. Also, the breathtaking selection of art in the permanent collection gallery. I've got lots of photos and a stray thought or two swirling around in my head, so stay tuned.

For now, it's time to get back to painting!

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