Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Dad with a nice channel cat
There are days that just end up being easy. Today was one of those. From the time we parked the truck along the stream, everything just seemed to fall in place. There were almost no bugs to bite us (and this area is notorious for deerflies and mosquitoes), the morning air was cool, and the river was low and easy to wade. The catfish were cooperative and we caught several... keeping a few for dinner. One of my favorite things about summer is fresh pan-fried catfish and home fries made from red potatoes just out of the ground. Outstanding :)
Catfish dinner!

Of course, there are always other things to keep my interest if the fish are being difficult. An old doe wandered by on the opposite bank as if to see what we were doing. Kingfishers zoomed by and chattered in the distance. Cedar waxwings busily winged from tree to tree picking off unfortunate insects along the way. Frogs and snakes and other ever-present creepy crawlies slither and hop away as we approach. It's a morning well-spent.

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