Monday, May 14, 2012

Cast and Blast Weekend

My view for the weekend.

 The plan for the weekend was pretty simple. It was going to be a "cast and blast" adventure at Ben's hunting camp near Marionville, PA. Ben is a hell of a hunter, a damned good fly fisherman, and one of those people that can walk forever at a very fast pace and never stop... and he's 63! Saturday, in the early morning darkness, we began what turned out to be a 6 mile death march up the side of a mountain and back. Even at the pace of a "normal" human, this would've been about all my out-of-shape legs could take. It ended up being a brutal beating on my knees and I was happy to see the truck again. I was done. Ben laughed at me, of course. I told him if we'd have had a shot at a turkey that far from the truck, I'd have missed on purpose just so I wouldn't have had to carry the damned thing out!
The rivers we wanted to fish we high from all the rain earlier in the week, so the fishing was tough. We managed to do pretty well on smaller streams where the water levels were more manageable. Still... I spent a lot of time feeling like I was trying to keep up.
So my memories of the weekend are filled with visions of Ben far ahead on the trail vanishing into the dense mountain forest or disappearing around the distant bend of a stream. If I'm going to keep up with him in the future, I may need to buy a 4-wheeler!

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