Saturday, December 3, 2011

"James Creek Winter" 8x16 acrylic

When I compose winter scenes, I'm always very aware of the abstract graphic elements created by the snow. In this piece, I like the way everything seems to flow from the upper left corner of the composition to the junco and beyond. The lighter reflections and the large mass of snow in the right side of the painting comfortably direct the viewer's eye back toward the subject.


Dar said...

I was directed to your blog via Dean Bortz, my cousin in WI. I gasped when I first saw your profile you know how much you resemble Dean? at least in looks. We all are nature enthusiasts in one facet or another.
Now, You, young man, are a brilliant artist. WOW, amazing. I paint some and try to captivate reality...what an amazing task...but you, you have it down to a science. Congratulations~ it must come so naturally to you.

Jim Bortz said...

Hi Dar. Thanks for the kind words. As far as things coming "naturally," nothing could be further from the truth. Lots of hard work, I just make it look easy ;)

Jeff said...

Hey Jim,
I'm trying to post again. I tried the other day when I first saw "James Creek Winter", maybe the blog wasn't enabled after your site remake.
"James Creek Winter" is dazzling and leaps off the canvas at you. The Junco looks as if he is ready to fly out of his little crevace. The water shimmers like a few other paintings that were home runs for you. The snow on the waters edge can be seen as it's melting away,very impressive.
Looks like another show entry perhaps.
Hope to see you some time soon.