Friday, May 6, 2011

Birds in Art 2011

It seems I’ve been on a bit of a roll lately… at least with my art. I’m very happy to announce that “Shimmer” has been selected from more than 950 entries for the 2011 Birds In Art exhibit. 583 artists from every corner of the globe applied for the honor of being included in this remarkable event. It’s impossible for me to suppress the smile on my face after receiving this news. I was especially hopeful this year as my friend, Jim Coe, will be honored with the Master Artist award and I wanted to be on hand for that!

This marks the 5th consecutive year I’ve been fortunate enough to make the cut for this prestigious event. I’m looking forward to the September Wausau journey and seeing my extended BIA family once again.


Dar said...

My, oh, my if you don't look like my cousin, Dean Bortz, of WI. You have got to be related. And your an artist...there is so much talent in the family but none as fine as you. Your "Shimmers" and "Last Snowfall" are outstanding. Of course, you have exceptional vision with those oils too. I need to see more. We are 2 hrs. from Wausau and I sure hope to be there. Outstanding talent!~
I dabble in pencils and a little acrylics but wow, I'm way surpassed.

Jim Bortz said...

Hi Dar, Yeah, there are photos of Dean and I from a couple years ago in Wausau. Same bald head, that's for sure! Thanks for all the kind words.