Friday, January 14, 2011

"Sundown"... Revised

Shortly after my last post, I realized something wasn't quite right about the painting. I had been very careful in manipulating the rhythms of the waves to gently guide the viewer's eye to the loon. The stark left to right direction of the loon's path just wasn't working along with these patterns, so a quick fix was in order.
The loon swimming off into the sunset relieves some of the tension created by the left to right movement in the first attempt. This also creates a bit of interaction between these two points of interest, whereas before, there was none.
Finally, I felt the loon needed to be slightly larger. It just seemed smallish. Loons are very large birds and the previous version seemed a bit delicate for my liking. In any case, problems have been corrected and this one is ready for a frame.

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hmuxo said...

This painting left me speechless.! You are so talented..It's perfect.