Sunday, April 25, 2010

Diverging Paths

My lack of posting lately has certainly not reflected my level of productivity. At the moment, there are several projects in the works... some painted in tight detail... some in large "painterly" brush strokes... none near completion... but all showing a great deal of promise.

The image above is the top half of a relatively large painting I've been working on for more than a month. Of course, most of that time has been spent drawing, composing, and researching. Actual easel time... about 6 days. Eventually, there will be sun dappled black bears under this colorful canopy of leaves.

I've also had the chance to paint an attractive young lady. Many thanks to my friend, Mikala, who was willing to work with me this spring. The resulting images are simply amazing and will provide reference for several future works. The painting shown here is the foundation work for a piece I hope to finish soon. The more I look, the more I think I should leave it alone... but that's not gonna happen. I'll be experimenting with a good deal of spring color... stay tuned.

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