Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SEWE 2010... the aftermath

Now that the 12-hour drive from Charleston is over and I've had the better part of a day to get caught up on some thing neglected while I was away, there's a little time to reflect on the experience of my first major art show. Of course, getting to the show in the first place was a task in itself. The first 300 miles of the trip were spent in 4-wheel drive at 35mph. It was snowing so hard in West Virginia there were times when I just had to guess where the road was and 50mph gusts made my truck hop sideways... but I made it in one piece.

By the last day of the show, my back and feet were sore from standing so much and my voice was almost gone. I met so many new people that my head is still spinning. I've learned a lot from this experience and I'm already kicking around ideas for next year.

It snowed in South Carolina while I was there and everyone blamed it on me! Still, some days had high temperatures in the 50s and after the weather we've been having in PA... that was just fine.

Now... if only I could gather enough ambition to finish unloading the truck...


Anonymous said...

For those of you who did not attend the SEWE, take my word...Jim represented well! It was a pleasure meeting you Jim. (My husband Matt and I talked to you a bit. we especially liked your owl painting on the fence post) We felt the same way about the snow. We returned home to columbus Ohio to be greeted by 10 inches of snow. go figure, no one in long term airport parking had cleared the car for us :)

Hope your doing well. We look forward to seeing your new works.


Jim Bortz said...

Hi Tracey, It was good to meet you and Matt. Thanks for the kind words... and yes... new works are coming soon :)