Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Day in the Deer Woods

It was a great day to be outdoors. Squirrels and chipmunks… turkeys and deer… bluejays and geese… all with the amazing backdrop of October fall color. I don’t get to bow hunt as much as I used to, so I really cherish the days I get to spend in the deer woods. I’m continually amazed by the amount of wildlife I see just by being very still. The occasional coyote or red fox make appearances once or twice a season. Hawks and owls are regular visitors and always seem to be caught a little off guard when they land on a nearby branch… and see me sitting there 20’ off the ground! There will be a few days later in the season when I will literally sit in one of my treestands for the entire day… 12 hours or so! Something to read is essential to keep me occupied. I just have to remember to look around every page or so!

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