Monday, June 1, 2009

Unusual Visitor

The painting Unusual Visitor was inspired by a series of photos I shot last summer. While riding the back roads near my studio late one afternoon, I happened upon a Great Horned owl perched on a fence post just a few yards from the road. Looking somewhat annoyed at my intrusion, the owl sat there and let me photograph it for almost 10 minutes! Things almost never work out that way. I guess you could say this unusual visitor was unusually cooperative!

It's likely I will enter this piece in the Pennsylvania Game Commission's Working Together for Wildlife competition. Each year one painting of a specified subject is chosen to be printed and distributed by the Game Commission. Of course, one never knows what may strike the fancy of those judging art. Whatever the outcome... I'm pleased with the image.


Jeff said...

Hey Jim,

Unusual Visitor is super I hope I get to see it on the 20th.

We are enjoying American Toad and I see him everyday since he's right by my computer desk.

Thanks a lot for making my mouth water with the Morels, they look like a super crop.

Be well,


Linda Besse, Wildlife Artist said...

Unusual Visitor is awesome! The lighting is so powerful and you captured the moment. What size is it and what medium? Whatever it is, I hope you blow the judges away! Just stunning!

Jim Bortz said...

Thanks for the kind words, Linda. The painting is 15" x 22.5" (size specified by competition rules) and acrylic on masonite.

Terry Miller said...

Hey Jim,
I'll add my mutual agreement with Linda's reading of this work, just terrific. And it truly is 'the light'! Congrats on your third year in B in A as well, hope to see you there in September.